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Vascular laser

Vascular skin problems or skin problems caused by vascular abnormalities can be treated safely with the Gentle Max Pro Plus. They often look like a network of thin lines under the skin or red spots on the cheeks. These dilated blood vessels are common on the face, neck, leg, and other areas. They are harmless, but unfortunately do not go away on their own. These skin problems mainly occur in people with a light skin type. 

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The laser only focuses on the oxyhemoglobin (blood) as a target chromophore, so that your skin itself will remain intact. As a result, the laser only absorbs the blood in the vessels, causing the vessel wall to contract and the vessels to disappear. After this, the body itself will clean up the dishes.



  • Couperouse (blood vessels in the face)

  • Rosacea

  • Spider nevus

  • angiomas (red small bump located on the body)

  • Besemreis varices (vessels on the legs)


Significant results are often visible after the first treatment, although results may vary from person to person. How to take into account 1 -3 treatments. The effect of the treatment lasts for several years, but eventually you will have to come for maintenance every now and then. Ultimately, the cause lies in a weakness of the vessel wall and new visible blood vessels can appear.

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