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General Conditions

Terms and conditions Faithful Skin Clinic


Faithfull Skinclinic has a practice for skin therapy located in Voorburg at van Aremberglaan 84 . It applies these general terms and conditions that apply to agreements it concludes for medical or cosmetic treatment. The agreement also applies to the treating skin therapist and these general terms and conditions.

1. General

1. In these terms and conditions, 'skin therapist(s)' means the skin therapist(s) working for Faithfull Skinclinic at any time.  Faithfull Skinclinic only uses the services of a skin therapist who is a member of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (NVH) and endorses the professional code of the NVH. The skin therapists are registered in the Dutch Paramedics Quality Register.

2. In these terms and conditions, 'patient' is understood to mean the person who commissions treatment from Faithfull Skinclinic. Where appropriate, the order can be given on behalf of the patient by the legal representative.

3. These terms and conditions also apply if the skin therapist involves third parties in the performance of the assignment.

4. The effect of Section 7:404 and Section 7:407(2) of the Dutch Civil Code is expressly excluded.

5. Faithfull Skinclinic guarantees that they provide good care as referred to in the Care Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act.


2. Agreement

The agreement with the patient includes the patient's assignment to Faithfull Skinclinic to offer agreed medical and / or cosmetic treatment after consultation and explanation.


3. Consent

1. The skin therapist clearly informs the patient and consults with the patient about the proposed treatment. The skin therapist is entitled not to comply with an unreasonable request from the patient and may refuse to perform a treatment.

2. The patient gives permission to the skin therapist prior to the implementation of the treatment. Consent is evidenced by the note in the patient file of the procedures performed.

3. The permission also applies to the skin therapist's decision to engage auxiliary persons. Faithfull Skinclinic and the skin therapist are not liable for any shortcomings of the auxiliary person.

4. In the event that the patient withdraws his consent, the skin therapist will discontinue the treatment with due observance of the due care that is required.


4. Information

The patient must inform and keep the skin therapist informed of all information that is necessary for the proper execution of the agreement.


5. Rates and

1. Rates apply, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, for the duration of one calendar year and can be adjusted and/or indexed annually.

2. Skin therapy uses a price list for procedures, the list that applies at the start of the treatment applies. If a treatment comprises several sessions and the price list is adjusted in the meantime, the list that applies to the last session applies.

3. Faithfull Skinclinic reserves the right to deviate from the price agreement made if the duration or the area to be treated is changed or other handpieces are used.


6. Payment

1. The patient receives the invoice immediately after the treatment and must pay it at that time in cash or by debit card payment.

3. If the (health) insurer indicates that it will not pay an invoice, the patient remains at all times obliged to pay the invoice in full and on time, regardless of the reason why the (health) insurer does not wish to pay.

4. Payments will first be deducted from the oldest outstanding invoices.

5. If the patient does not pay the invoice on time and/or in full, the patient is therefore in default. Faithfull Skinclinic is then entitled to charge the statutory commercial interest to the patient on the invoice amount or the remainder thereof. In that case, Faithfull Skinclinic can take collection measures (or have them taken). The costs associated with the collection (including the extrajudicial costs and other costs) are for the account of the patient.

6. In the event of payment arrears, Faithfull Skinclinic is authorized to suspend further treatment or to perform it only against cash payment, unless the amount of the payment arrears, the need for skin therapeutic treatment or the urgency opposes this.

7. The payment obligation is not suspended because the patient submits a complaint against the skin therapist about the invoice and/or the treatment.

8. The payment obligation does not expire if the patient terminates the agreement or requests Faithfull Skinclinic to transfer the treatment to another person.


7. Cancellation

1. If the patient is unable to attend an appointment, he must cancel it no later than forty-eight hours in advance.

2. If the patient does not cancel or does not cancel on time, the patient will owe a fee amounting to 25% of the rate for the treatment.

3. Appointments must be canceled by e-mail. The cancellation is registered when the cancellation is received by Faithfull Skinclinic. If the client wants to cancel her appointment by telephone, this falls within the responsibility of the client. The unavailability of Faithfull Skinclinic by telephone cannot be a reason for not canceling the appointment or not canceling it in time.


8. Liability

1 If an event occurs during the treatment, including failure to perform a treatment in full or in a timely manner, which leads to liability on the part of Faithfull Skinclinic, then that liability is limited to the amount covered by the liability insurance taken out by Faithfull Skinclinic. entitles. If the insurance does not cover the liability for whatever reason or if Faithfull Skinclinic is covered for the liability, the liability of Faithfull Skinclinic is limited to the amount of the invoice. However, Faithfull Skinclinic is not liable if, at the time when the event occurs, the client is in default with respect to any obligation towards Faithfull Skinclinic.

2 Faithfull Skinclinic cannot guarantee the amount of treatments to achieve the desired result.

3 Faithfull Skinclinic is not liable for burning, blistering, scarring, skin damage, pigment shift or any (rare) skin reaction whatsoever, after or as a result of the laser treatment(s).

4 Faithfull Skinclinic is not liable for (aggravated) pigmentation on the skin after the treatment(s).

5 Faithfull Skinclinic is not liable for reduced pigmentation on the skin after the treatment(s).

6 Piercings, birthmarks, pigment spots, foreign properties, skin abnormalities, or any abnormality on the skin have an increased risk of skin damage from the laser treatment(s). Faithfull Skinclinic is not liable for any skin damage and/or skin reaction as a result of the aforementioned body characteristics.

7 Faithfull Skinclinic has an obligation of best efforts and no obligation of result with regard to the client(s) it treats. Faithfull Skinclinic will make every effort to achieve the desired result insofar as this is medically feasible and responsible. Faithfull Skinclinic accepts no liability in the event that, despite the best efforts, the result proves to be unattainable. This is in accordance with applicable jurisprudence and regulations.

8 Faithfull Skinclinic is not liable for (aggravated) hair growth due to possible radiating heat from the laser on other body parts or as a result of shaving the treated body parts.

9 Faithfull Skinclinic is not liable for the reduction of hair growth due to any radiating heat from the laser.

10. A claim for compensation of damage as referred to in these general terms and conditions lapses 1 year after the event causing the damage occurred.


9. Complaints

1. In case of a complaint from the patient about the treatment by the skin therapist, the patient must report this to the skin therapist as soon as possible. The skin therapist and the patient then both make an effort to come to a solution.

2. If the consultation between the patient and the skin therapist does not lead to a solution. Can the patient appeal to the Complaints and Disputes Regulation for Paramedics?


10. Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

1. Dutch law applies to the agreement concluded by the patient with Faithfull Skinclinic to which these general terms and conditions apply, and to any further agreements concluded for the implementation thereof.

2. If a dispute arises between the patient and Faithfull Skinclinic for which no solution can be found in mutual consultation, the dispute will be submitted for decision to the disputes committee as referred to in the Paramedics Disputes Committee Regulations, bypassing the ordinary court.


11. Changes

1. These terms and conditions can be changed at any time.

2. Changed general terms and conditions are notified to the patient in writing and take effect one (1) month after the date of the announcement, unless stated otherwise in the announcement. If the patient does not object to the change in the terms and conditions within one (1) month of the date of the announcement, the patient is deemed to have accepted the change.

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