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Medical peel

De ultieme gezichtsverzorging voor een zuivere, gezonde en een Glowing huid!

When the quality of the skin is somewhat less or other superficial skin problems occur, a medical peeling can improve these skin problems.  There are various peels that have a superficial or deep effect on the skin. 

The purpose of the peeling is to obtain a controlled renewal of the epidermis and part of the deeper skin layers. At Faithfull Skinclinic we work with the Mesoestetic brand. Mesoestetic is an internationally recognized pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in pharmaceutical and aesthetic medicine. In short, high-quality and good quality products. 

Peelings can be used for the following indications: 

  • Acne and acne scars

  • Pigmentation spots

  • Skin aging

  • Rosacea

  • Dry skin

  • Enlarged pores

Lachend Portret

The treatment

When you first visit us, we always schedule an intake interview. During this conversation, all wishes and expectations are discussed, as well as a skin scan with the Meitu. Based on all the information, we draw up a personal treatment plan. For optimal results of the peeling, it is important to let the skin get used to certain acids, by starting with home products (cleansers, day and night creams, exfoliant and sun protection).


During the treatment, the skin is cleaned and prepared for the treatment with special products, so that the peeling can penetrate the skin properly and evenly. If necessary, a deep cleaning is also applied. During the application of the peeling you will feel a slight tingling to an intensive heat/stimulation. Once the exposure time has elapsed, the peeling is, if desired, neutralized and soothed with a mask. 


The Aftercare

After the treatment it is important to follow the aftercare instructions. In addition, it is important to apply the recommended products and sun protection with at least SPF 30 daily at home for optimal results.


The skin reaction after the treatment depends entirely on your skin type. These range from red, sensitive and tight skin, and/or possible superficial scabs and peeling. 

Poseren met gezichtscrème

Voor wie?

De DermaClear is geschikt voor iedere leeftijd en huidtypen, mensen die meer willen met hun huid, willen stralen tijdens een feestje. Daarnaast is de behandeling inzetbaar voor zwangere vrouwen en voor mensen die geen hersteltijd willen.

Welke indicaties kunnen behandeld worden?

  • Doffe en grauwe huid

  • Onzuiverheden

  • Vette huid met grove poriën

  • Verwaarloosde huid

  • Vermoeide huid

  • Droge huid

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