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About us

The basis of Faithfull Skinclinic lies in the pursuit of healthy skin that builds self-confidence from within. Every client who comes to me receives a full skin analysis to understand how I can best meet their needs. I help patients improve and maintain their skin health using advanced techniques and equipment.

My story

Having suffered from eczema and dry skin for years myself, I had become interested in the health of the skin. Because of these problems, I started following the Skin Therapy course at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. During the course I was able to do an internship in Ghana (West Africa), during my internship I was able to gain a lot of experience about the skin problems with dark skin and how these can best be remedied. In 2019 I graduated as a skin therapist and I was able to gain knowledge in several clinics. 

With my experience and knowledge I started Faithfull Skinclinic, to help my clients with their skin or just to boost the skin. Helping clients has always been my passion, inside and out. 

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