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Scar treatment

Everyone has a scar somewhere. Big or small. Visible or less visible. Scars occur when the skin regenerates after an accident, surgery, pregnancy or skin disease. The more damage, the longer the healing process, the greater the chance of a scar. A scar can be discolored, adhered, thickened or too tight in the skin. There may also be itching and/or pain.


Treatment techniques

Depending on the type of scar, you and the skin therapist will draw up a treatment plan to reduce the discoloration, structure and texture, adhesion and possibly pain and itching. We have different treatment techniques to improve the scar. To reduce the scar, we use medical camouflage and / or microneedling at Faithfull Skinclinic.

Treatment process

We recommend 3 to 6 treatments for the desired result. We always give the skin 4 weeks to recover between each treatment. The collagen stimulation will also continue to work for several months after the last treatment. The result is therefore still increasing. A combination of treatments can also be advised: microneedling, camouflage therapy and silicone plaster. During the intake interview, more will be told about the treatment techniques. 

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