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Skin Analysis & Skin Scan

What kind of skin type do I have? How is the condition of my skin? What should I use to hydrate my skin? Which treatment best suits my needs? You can go to Faithfull Skin Clinic for an extensive skin analysis. With this thorough skin analysis you know what is going on under your skin and you get answers to all your questions. 

Meitu Skin Scan

The Meitu is the first step towards a more beautiful and better skin. A unique and advanced skin analysis device, which maps all your skin characteristics and skin condition through 20 different measurements. With the skin scan it is possible to view the deeper skin layers in detail. Many skin problems arise in these deeper skin layers and often only become visible later on the surface of the skin. If we catch it in time, we may be able to prevent any problems on the skin surface by treating it preventively.


Customized treatment plan

An extensive skin analysis is the basis of a customized treatment plan. The more we know and can see about your skin, the more accurately the treatment plan and advice can be adjust to your wishes and skin needs. In addition to treatments, advice is also given about skincare products. In this way we achieve the desired result together.


Meet & Treat

Are you convinced of the approach at Faithfull Skinclinic and can't wait to improve your skin? Then it is possible to schedule a skin analysis with treatment. Based on the analysis with the Meitu, the skin therapist discusses your wishes and draws up a tailor-made treatment plan for you. Subsequently, the skin therapist starts with the first treatment of the treatment process.

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